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The International Rice Festival held annually in Crowley is one of Louisiana's largest and also it's oldest Agricultural Festival. Since it's first festival on October 5th, 1937, over 7 million people have attended the annual event.

The celebration brings attention to the importance of rice as food and also emphasizes it's place in the world's economic picture. It is usually held on Friday and Saturday of the 3rd weekend in October. Location is Downtown Crowley.

There are 2 parades, Friday (Children's Day), which is the Children's Parade, and Saturday, the Grand Parade.

There are also Special Events including the Rice Cooking Contest, Rice Eating Contest, Farmers Banquet and also the Queens Ball.

There is also entertainment continuously from early morning to midnight.

Also in conjunction with the Festival, is an Arts and Crafts exhibit, which is held adjacent to the Festival Grounds and also on Main Street.

About was acquired and launched in the late 90's by DSS Computer, Inc. just before the Y2K craze. Our mission at the time was to provide to our community as much info about the festival as we could. That is still our mission today.

There have been about a half dozens versions of this website through the years winning many awards from the Louisiana Fairs & Festival Association with our latest "Best Website" for 2019.

In the very beginning content was hard to come by but a breakthrough in content came when in 2001 Gene Williams became the General Chairman of the International Rice Festival and a year or so later we met with Gene for the first time. Now Gene because of his business background, understood what the "www." was all about and was very enthusiastically supportive of our website. Gene provided us with front row Press Passes to every event the festival sponsored and by the way, it was a lot of events as it still is today. It was such a success, the festival began actively promoting our website for the goto site for festival information.

Winning many awards over the years for our site has been a great honor along with many other honors and accolades we recieved. One such honor was in the mid 2000 when a national TV station named The Food Network, which still airs today, was looking online at food festival websites. They were looking for several food festivals to highlight for a hour long TV show. They came across our site, contacted the festival and wanted to come down for the festival weekend to film our local festival. They came and filmed from start to finish. They had a great time and really enjoyed the festival. It was about a month later, they televised a nationwide 1 hour show about the International Rice Festival. That was really special.

This version of the website is our newly launched website carrying out our same mission as it was in the beginning. It is to give everyone as much info as we can because after all, it is still the oldest and largest food festival in the state.

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