Jimmyís life has been one of service. Beginning at a young age, he has served in music ministry for many Catholic and Protestant churches not only here in Crowley, but throughout Acadiana.

Born to the late Allen and Gayle Broussard, Jimmyís parents were tragically killed by a drunk driver in 1969, leaving him an only child without a mom and dad.  Jimmy was raised by his paternal grandparents, who provided him with the old fashioned morals and values that he still upholds today. The tragedy to his parents has been a long standing banner against drunk driving that he still holds to this day.

Jimmy worked for many years for the Catholic Church, including the Diocese of Lafayette and St. Anthony Church and St. Edmund School in Eunice, before pursuing other avenues.

Jimmy began his career in law enforcement as a Communications Officer at the Acadia Parish Sheriff Department, under then Sheriff Kenneth Goss.  In 2000, he joined the Reserve Force of the Crowley Police Department as Chaplain (along with being Chaplain to the Sheriff Department and Louisiana State Police Troop I), and in 2003 joined the full time force of Crowley Police Department under Chief K.P. Gibson.

Jimmy rose through the ranks of the Crowley Police Department, going from Patrolman all the way to Lieutenant. He served as DARE Officer for many years, Juvenile Officer, Investigator, and was a member of the Louisiana Attorney Generalís Task Force on Crimes Against Children.  Jimmy served on a number of boards dealing with youth and adults, and even after leaving the department in 2012 to pursue other avenues,  Jimmy was still called upon frequently for his wisdom and knowledge, especially dealing with youth.

In 2016, Jimmy returned to the Crowley Police Department, but this time, as the first (at least that we can discover) officer from the Department to be elected its Chief. A  month and a half  after being sworn in, the historic flood of 2016, which was the first challenge of his administration. The officers and administration rose and exceeded the challenge with no deaths occurring during the flooding.

Broussard is married to the former Lynne Millet and they are the proud parents of two daughters, Jordan Rose (married to Joshua Conner) and Megan Claire. They are also grandparents to a blue-eyed angel in heaven, Cole Anthony Conner.