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The annual Rice Creole & Cookery Contest will be held Friday October 17th 2014 at the LSU Ag Center Cooperative Extension Office in Crowley.

2011 Chef De Riz is Jill Villejoin, Rice Salad/Vegetable Dish

2011 Jr. Chef De Riz is Ashton Gaspard, Rice Dessert



ten18films presents "Chef de Riz" from JC on Vimeo.



The annual Rice Creole and Cookery Contest is held Friday of the festival. Entries from All Ages bring in prepared dishes for the judges delight.

    ATTENTION: All dishes entered must be thoroughly cooked and chilled when brought to the Cooperative Extension Building for judging. Failure to meet this standard will result in the dish being disqualified. It would be a good idea to transport the dish on ice in an ice chest to the contest. Microwaves will be available for judges to heat samples before tasting dishes.

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